Move or change extension

If you are moving office, leaving the University or require a new phone extension you should contact the IT Service desk so they can make the necessary changes to your extension.

Move or change extension

Add an additional phone extension

It can be straightforward to add one or more phone extensions but this depends on if:

  • The building has the correct interior and exterior cabling
  • A spare extension number is available; this is reliant on the number range for that building or area
  • You require an additional analogue phone extension, your department will be charged for a contractor to install a phone cable into the workstation
  • The cabling is analogue or digital, which is dependent on the building and technology of the office you are moving to.

Telephone number updates

If your phone number is incorrect when you use the University people search, you can contact the IT Service Desk to update your number.

You should also ensure that your contact details are updated on your departmental website. You can do this by contacting your departments Web Coordinator (login required).

Report phone extensions no longer required

It is important that telephone extensions that are no longer required are disconnected as the phone extension numbers can be reused.

There is a shortage of extension numbers at the University. If your department has unused extensions, they should be reported IT Service Desk so they can be used elsewhere in your department or in the University. There is no cost associated with disconnecting an extension.

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