Dialling 999 in an emergency situation can give you access to the Police, the Ambulance service, the Fire Brigade and the Coastguard.

Emergency information

If any person is in serious, immediate danger or there is a crime in progress you should call 999.You should try to remain calm and follow the instructions given by the operator.

If the emergency is on campus, you should also inform University Security so they can attend or assist in directing the emergency services to your location from Security Lodge at Entrance 1.

University Security can be contacted by calling 0116 252 2888 (or 888 from an internal phone).

Emergency contacts

Central Switchboard

(0116) 252 2522
Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm
Central Fax
(0116) 252 2200
University Operator
Security Office
(0116) 252 2023
Manned 24/7
Emergency Calls to Security
888 or 222 from RKCSB
Calls to Emergency Services
9-999 from a University extension, or 999 from a payphone or mobile

Non-emergency information

Contact the police

  • Leicester is covered by Leicestershire Constabulary, information including crime-prevention advice is available on the Leicestershire Police website
  • If you need to contact the police to report a crime you should call their non-emergency number 101

Bomb or threat warning procedure and how to deal with abusive calls

It is very unlikely you will receive abusive or nuisance calls, however it is essential that everyone is aware that the University may receive bomb threats or other information regarding a threat to University staff, students or property. If you receive a threat by telephone, you must follow this procedure:

    • As soon as it is made clear that the caller is making a threat, let him or her finish their message without interruption
    • If possible activate any recording process such as an answerphone or tape recorder (if fitted)
    • If a response is essential, keep the answer to one or two words. Whilst the caller talks, get the message exactly and also write down information on the form below

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