How do I solve a problem on my digital phone?

If you have an issue with your digital desk phone this quick guide can assist you with solving some common problems.

How to stop the Messages button flashing

  • When new messages are received the Message button key flashes
  • To find out what type of messages you have press the Message button and use the arrow keys to select and confirm the relevant submenu
  • Once you have accessed your missed calls or voicemail messages, the Message button is no longer illuminated

See the calls lists and messages section for further information.

Cut off from my call

There is a laser on the seat on the handset (opposite the screen) if you touch this while on a call you will be cut off.

Use the volume control

  • To change the ringer tone you have to do it whilst the phone is ringing, then press the or keys
  • To change the hearing volume you have to do this whilst you’re on a call, then press the the or keys

The ringer has stopped working

You might have pressed the * button in error.

Use the speakerphone

To switch the speakerphone on press the Speakerphone button while on a call and replace the handset. If you would like to remain on the call but take the caller off Speakerphone press the Speakerphone button again and pick up the handset.

For more information see the Switching the handset to speakerphone section.

Divert a call?

If you are unable to take a call and need to divert it to voicemail or to another extension, you can Deflect the call.

  1. Use the the arrow keys to select Deflect and press OK
  2. Enter the extension to divert the call to (enter 1700 to divert to voicemail) and press OK

Unable to divert a call

If you haven't set up your voicemail you will be unable to divert a call, see the Voicemail section for additional information

Need help?

Contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 or email if you have a problem with your phone.

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