Digital phone basics

Make a callStandard digital desk phone

  • Lift the handset and dial the number or dial the number and then lift the handset
  • To make a hands-free call, dial the number and press OK

Dial an external number

  • To make a call outside of the University, dial 9 before the telephone number.

Redial a number

  1. Press
  2. Use the arrow keys  to select the name you want (you only see a name for callers within the University)
  3. Press OK to dial the selected number

Redial from the Call Log

To dial someone you have called before or someone who has called you.

  1. Press
  2. Use the arrow keys to select Call log
  3. Select the appropriate option from the list: Missed, Dialled, Received, Forwarded calls
  4. Select the number to call

Answer a call

  • To answer and end a hands-free call press

Press the or buttons while you are not on a call to adjust the ringtone volume

Change the volume

Press the or buttons while on a call to adjust the call volume.

Pressing these buttons outside of a call will adjust the ringtone volume.

To mute and un-mute a call press the key

Put someone on hold

  1. Use the arrow keys to select Hold. Press OK
  2. Select Reconnect to return to the held call (if this option is not on the screen, press first)

End a call

  • Replace the handset or press

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