Use a headset

Handsets are good for brief conversations; but if you're on the phone for long periods of time, or you need your hands for other tasks, a headset is a much better choice.

Set up your headset

You can set whether you are using a wired or cordless headset.

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Select and confirm the Setting option Press OK.
  3. Confirm user: enter password
  4. Select and confirm the Audio options. Press OK.
  5. Select and confirm the Setting option. Press OK.
  6. Select the Headset socket option. Press OK.
  7. From the following settings select and confirm the following option shown in the Context menu:
    • Wired headset
    • Cordless headset
    • Conference unit
  8. Select and confirm the option, press the Save and Exit option. Press OK.

Make a call using the headset

  1. Dial the number or wait a few seconds to be connected

Accept a call using the headset

  1. The LED flashes when a call is received
  2. Press the Headset button to answer the call
  3. The LED light goes out.

End the call

  1. Press the Headset button

What types of headsets do the University provide?

The University provides corded headsets that can be used for both digital and analogue phones. A wireless version can be ordered in exceptional circumstances.

How can I order a new headset?

To order a new headset contact the IT Service Desk. The purchase of a headset will be charged to your department.

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