Conference calls

You can make a conference call from your University Standard digital desk phone or a conference phone.

If your conference call is with a number of external people you can organise an Intercall conference call.

Make a conference call from your Standard digital desk phone

You can host a conference call for up to ten people from your digital desk phone.

  1. While talking to one person, select Consult from the menu and press OK (if this option is not on the screen, press first)
  2. Enter the phone number for the second person. Press OK.
  3. Once connected with the second person, select Conference. Press OK.
  4. You are now talking to both people in one conference call

When the conference call you have hosted ends please ensure all participants have ended the call before you hang up as they will not be automatically cut off. This process will avoid participants continuing the call from your phone line.

This process can be repeated for up to ten people, however for larger amounts of participants Intercall would be a more suitable option.

Organise an Intercall conference call

If you need to setup a conference call with a number of people that are external to the University, you can use Intercall:

  1. Contact the Switchboard to request the contact telephone number for Intercall. You will need to contact them to arrange your conference call.
  2. Once you have set up the conference call, give your participants the following information:
    • Date and time of your conference call
    • Dial-in number
    • Conference code
    • Security passcode, if this option is enabled

Join a conference call if you are the conference lead

  1. At the specified time, tap in the dial-in number
  2. When prompted, enter your conference code followed by #
  3. When prompted, press * to identify yourself as the leader, then enter your
    leader PIN followed by #
  4. Press 1 to begin your conference or press 2 to change your default conference options.
  5. If the security passcode option is enabled you will be prompted to enter the passcode at this time

Join a conference call

  1. At the specified time, tap in the dial-in number
  2. When prompted, enter your conference code followed by #

Conference phones

You can request a conference phone if you regularly meet in a meeting room, but need other colleagues to join the meeting by phone. For example, a department may organise a meeting that is to include ten colleagues from the University of Leicester and other Universities. If only six of the team can attend the meeting in person, the other four may have to attend by phone.

To request a conference phone for your department contact the IT Service Desk.