Program phone keys

You can program keys to dial numbers that you use frequently, or for other phone functions.

The programmable smart keys are on the right of the telephone screen. You can press the Shift key to get to a second set of programmable keys.

Program a smart key to dial a number

  1. Press and hold one of the keys to the right of the telephone screen.  The key will light up. Press OK.
  2. To program one of the keys, choose Normal and press OK
  3. If you have used up all the keys and need to use one of the second set of keys, choose Shifted and press OK.
  4. Choose selected dialling. Press OK.
  5. Choose Label and press OK.
  6. Enter a name for the key.  You may need to press the back button  to delete the existing label. Press OK
  7. Choose Settings and press OK
  8. Enter the number that the key should dial and press OK
  9. Choose Save & Exit. Press OK.

Digital screen

The name that you entered in Step 6 should now appear next to the key that you programmed.  When you press the key it will dial the number that you entered in Step 8.

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