Three-way conference calls

While talking on the conference telephone, it is possible to bring a third party into your conversation for a three-way conference call.
  1. Dial the first person’s number and speak to the person
  2. Press the More key
  3. Press the Conference key to create a new call (the first caller is placed on hold)
  4. Dial the second person’s number and press the Send key
  5. When the second person answers, press the More button then the Conference key to include all the callers in the conference
  6. You are now able to talk all the participants of the conference call
  7. Press the Hold key on the conference originator’s phone and the other people will be put on hold
  8. Press the Phone button on the conference originator’s phone to end the call. This will allow the other callers to continue with the conference. However, this will be at the University’s expense

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