Conference phone

The University provides conference phones that enable staff to make business calls to multiple participants at the same time. This is useful for callers to join from outside the University and internationally.

Conference calls are frequently used for meetings, and are also commonly paired with Web conferences for online presentations and sharing documents.

The university provides conference phones that are compatible for both Analogue and Standard digital phone lines.

Standard digital conference phoneThe advantages of conference calls:

  • They are accessible and participants can call in from any given location
  • Conference calls can be open to a large amount of people
  • They are organised to get all scheduled information completed within an outlined time frame
  • Travel costs can be reduced

Conference phone guides

See the Conference phone pages for how to use a University conference phone. Alternatively, you can download this information as a quick guide:

3-Way Calling

You can make a three-way conference call on a Standard digital desk phone.

Organise a conference call

Find out how to organise a conference call for a Standard digital desk phone.

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