Forward your calls

Call forwarding, or call diversion, redirects a telephone call to another destination. A call can be redirected to a mobile phone, a voicemail box or another telephone number.

Forward your calls to a different number

You can re-divert to a new extension from the extension which your calls are currently diverted to:

  1. Pick up handset and wait for dial tone
  2. Dial #9, then the extension
  3. Wait for an assurance tone and hang up

Cancel call forwarding

To cancel from your own phone:

  1. Pick up your handset and wait for interrupted dial tone
  2. Dial ##9 from a current analogue phone or #40 from an updated analogue phone.
  3. Wait for assurance tone and hang up

To cancel from the remote extension:

  1. Pick up the handset and wait for dial tone
  2. From a current analogue phone, dial #9*, enter your own extension number, then #. From an updated analogue phone, Remote Access Call Forward (RACF) and enter your own extension number.
  3. Wait for dial tone and hang up

Divert calls to another extension permanently

  • This enables all calls to be routed to another extension on a permanent or long term basis
  • Call diversion can be set up only from your own extension, redirected only from the extension to which it is currently diverted, or cancelled
  • For example a PA might take messages on behalf of their manager

Conditional diversion

Conditional Diversion allow calls directed to one telephone to be answered on the other when the first is engaged or unattended.

Busy extension diversion

This routes calls to another extension if your phone extension is busy.

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