Teaching room facilities

Teaching rooms are designed based on shape, size, and the main type of teaching activity planned for that room (Lecture, informal group work, etc.). Based on this the rooms will have different types of equipment installed that may include:

Display equipment

  • Many smaller teaching spaces now have TV screens fitted as the main display on the teaching wall. Larger spaces continue to use Data Projectors to provide a suitable image for the capacity of the room.
  • To use the display, follow the instructions provided in the teaching room.
  • Do not attempt to touch the display equipment itself as this could trigger the anti-theft alarm and cause issues with the control panel if fitted.
  • You can connect your personal device using the cable provided (rooms normally have 'VGA' or '15 pin D-sub' with more recently refurbished rooms having HDMI cables – see the rooms directory for further details or contact LTRS).
  • If your device does not have the connections mentioned above then please ensure you have a suitable adapter.

Control panels within teaching rooms

The teaching rooms have various types of control panels and all have detailed instructions on how to use these as standard on the lectern. These vary from push button controls that change sources through to more advanced touch panel displays for the larger lecture theatres. For more assistance with these see the following links:


  • DVD players are multi-region and will play DVDs from other countries such as the USA (Region 1)
  • Blu-Ray players will only play UK/EU/region-free Blu-Ray discs, but will play any region DVDs


Where required in larger teaching spaces rooms are fitted with voice amplification normally in the form of a lectern mic. Alongside this additional microphones are fitted for the Reflect service and again vary in type dependant on room size. For any further information please see the rooms directory or contact LTRS.

Additional equipment and information

In addition to the items above the central rooms also have facilities for the Reflect service that include cameras and microphones.

  • Visualisers are being installed in more centrally managed teaching areas to allow capture of digital material and to connect into the Reflect system. These will also be used to replace OHP devices as they are becoming harder to maintain and support.
  • Additional hardware to support teaching such as wireless presenters, laser pointers, and turning point can also be loaned from LTRS.

To order equipment, complete and return the booking form.

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