MyStudentRecord (e:Vision) Questions

Can I see the same records in MyStudentRecord (e:Vision) as staff in Corporate Services can see in SITS?

Yes - e:Vision is just another way of viewing the student information held in the SITS database. Your colleagues in the Admissions Office, the Cashier’s Office and the Student Services Centre see and update the same records as you are viewing; the information is simply presented in a different way through e:Vision.

For example, Admissions make an offer to an applicant, you will be able to see the details of the offer straight away in e:Vision.

However, only a subset of the information held in SITS is available through e:Vision. Information that is only relevant for processes run centrally (for example, raising course fees) cannot be viewed through e:Vision.

How do students access MyStudentRecord (e:Vision)?

For online applications, links are available on the course-specific pages of the University’s online prospectus, in the postgraduate and DL (distance learning) sections. For online enrolment and online module registration, eligible students will be emailed the link and instructions at the appropriate time.

What do I do if I cannot remember my password, or I have locked my account?

Contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 to reset your password.

When I login to MyStudentRecord (e:Vision) the 'No Container information' error message is displayed

Contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 to add you to the correct containers. Please specify the containers you wish to see.

When I select 'Your programs and Applications' I cannot see the applications for my department.

Contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 to check what department you are registered under. You may have been added to the wrong department.

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