Student Records System (SITS) and associated systems

SITS is the University's central student records system. There are also associated systems that work in conjunction with SITS.

SRS IT Systems Overview


SITS is a student records management system used to store, administer and manage all aspects of student information.

SITS Client

A program used by Student Services Centrer and some departments to work directly with SITS.

MyStudentRecord (formerly e:Vision)


A web based version of SITS is available known as MyStudentRecord and allows staff to see and change information stored in SITS online, including:

  • Enrolment and module selection
  • Assessment and attendance
  • Progression and transfers
  • Withdrawals and suspensions

Members of University staff can request access e:Vision by filling in the form below:


MyStudentRecord is also used by students, for specific tasks such as:

  • Online applications
  • Enrolment and module registration

MyStudentRecord Frequently Asked Questions

Associated Systems

The following systems also work in conjunction with SITS:

CMIS Timetabling

CMIS (Central Management Information System) is used for student timetabling and to allocate rooms.

If you require access contact:

Blackboard VLE

Blackboard is the virtual learning environment (VLE) used at the University of Leicester.

Corporate Reporting Service

Staff can use Business Objects to see pre-defined reports of the data in SITS. Business Objects is a web based program used for the corporate reporting service at the University.



Currently training courses are provided for Marks entry and Curriculum planning.

Corporate Reporting Service

Training is available for the following courses:

Blackboard VLE

There are a number of Blackboard courses to help you exploit the benefits of online learning and teaching.

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