Purchasing Guides

Personal Setup for Purchase Orders

Before you can create purchase orders on SAP, you need to specify your personal settings.

Create Purchase Orders

This guide explains how to create a new Purchase Order.

SAP Material Groups

A list of the Material GroupsExcel icon available in SAP.

Print and Reprint a Purchase Order

This guide explains how to print copies of the Purchase Order for your internal use or to send to vendors. It explains how to print a VAT Certificate for zero rated items. After a purchase order has been printed, there are additional tasks that are required before you can generate a reprint. This guide explains how to do this.

Goods Receipting

When goods are received confirm that they match with a previously created purchase order

Invoice Verification

Verify an invoice against a purchase order on SAP.  A purchase order must be raised before an invoice can be verified

Find PO, Goods Receipting and Invoice verification numbers

This guide explains how to find the document numbers from a past transaction.

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