Request access to Research File Store

How to request access to Research File Store

Request storage space

Complete the registration form to get access to Research File Store. We aim to honour requests within one working week. Very large requests may incur a delay if they mean we need to purchase additional storage capacity but we will contact you to explain this when necessary.

If you run out of space, you will be able to request additional storage by contacting the Service Desk.

Your research project does not need to be aligned with a specific research grant. Anyone can request research storage space, although it is usually someone in a supervisory role. You will be asked to provide an end date to review whether you still need the storage. Data will not be removed without consulting you.

Contact the IT Service Desk to:

  • Give access to additional users. They will need to have a University IT account.
  • Restore data that has been accidentally deleted or changed
  • Obtain data storage costs for a funding proposal

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