Governance and Policies

Who will decide how the service is managed and how do I get access?

To gain access to the service researchers will need to register and the Research Computing Management Group (RCMG) will monitor these requests.

Governance for the service will be provided by the RCMG. On a day to day basis the service will be managed and operated by IT Services.

How long will it take to get access?

Potential users should register as soon as they perceive they have a need. The University is aware that the demand for this service may exceed supply and users should anticipate higher than normal lead-times during 2012 as the new service is introduced.

Once the service is stable, the lead time to provide access will vary depending on the capacity requested. Once requests have been reviewed, small data volumes are likely to be available as soon as possible and no longer than one month after application but large requirements may need to wait for additional capacity to be purchased and installed.

The more notice users provide of their needs, the more likely it will be that storage will be available when they need it.

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