Access Research File Store

You can access the Research File Store in a number of ways. Your storage area will be named after your project.

R:drives containing data classified as Highly Restricted or Restricted are not accessible in this way. This is because they contain personal, special category or other sensitive or confidential data; or have contracts that restrict how, or from where, they can be accessed

The way you access the Research File Store depends upon what type of computer you are using. It is also referred to as the R: drive, RFS or /rfs.

You will only see the folders you have access to at the top level of the Research File Store when using a University PC or MyFiles.

University PCs on campus

The Research File Store is automatically available as the R: drive from University PCs  on campus, running Windows 7. Your storage area will be R:\ Project

Network locations

Review/Recover previous files and folders

You can review or recover files and folders on the R: drive by using Previous Versions. This will allow you to see a 'snapshot' of your project files at specific intervals in the past and understand what has changed or recover them.

Linux Systems on Campus

The Research File Store is accessible from most Linux systems managed by IT Services. This includes the login nodes on SPECTRE and ALICE but not the compute nodes. Your storage area will be /rfs/Project

See Structure and Permissions for details of how the storage is organised and how you control access.


You can access the Research File Store off-campus using MyFiles on any web browser or by WebDAV.

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