About Research File Store

Research File Store (also referred to as the R: drive, RFS or /rfs) provides secure storage for research data. It is intended for use by academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate research students at the University and is free to use.

Research File Store provides:

  • Storage capacity for files and directories (folders)
  • Access to data on and off campus from multiple desktop platforms
  • Resilient and secure storage. Data is backed up every night and held in a separate building for 28 days
  • Technical support and assistance via the IT Service Desk

Research File Store is not designed for:

  • Long term archiving of research data
  • Hosting of applications
  • Access by researchers who do not have a University of Leicester IT Account
  • Taught course material

You do not have to use the Research File Store to store your research data, as long as your current storage complies with University Information Security Policy, research funder requirements and the Data Protection Act (particularly if you handle sensitive, personal or confidential data). See the Research Data Management website for more information.

There is no charge for using the Research File Store.

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