University Remote Desktop

Authorised users will be given access to use University Remote Desktop to use University files and systems when you need to work away from campus.
  • If you have a University Staff laptop (Windows 10), use University Remote Access (VPN) rather then University Remote Desktop.
  • You can use University Remote Desktop from Monday to Friday between 7.00am to 7.00pm. Ensure you have logged out before 7.00pm

Access University Remote Desktop

If you require the SITS Client follow the alternative way to access University Remote desktop

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Enter your University IT account username and password. Click Sign in

    Sign in
  3. Click on the UOL Homeworking Desktops icon

    UOL Homeworking Desktops

  4. Choose Allow when asked about Access local resources
    Access local resources
  5. A screen will appear entitled Connecting and launching “UOL Homeworking Desktops” while the remote desktop connection loads

    Connecting and Launching
  6. The Remote Desktop will appear, containing your Windows desktop like you have on your University PC

    Web Desktop

Important information

Sign out when you are finished

When you have finished using University Remote Desktop, you should Sign out, otherwise you may be signed out automatically. Ensure you save your files regularly.

Don't save files to the Desktop

You should not store files on the desktop, as they will not be saved when you log out. Store files using the Personal Z: drive, Shared Departmental X: drive or Research R: drive.

Save your documents at regular intervals

In case you are disconnected from Remote Desktop session, it’s important to save your work regularly.

Designed for access within the UK

To ensure the security of University Remote Desktop, it may be necessary to block connections from outside of the UK. If this happens we will contact the member of staff affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs can I use on University Remote Desktop?

From the Start menu you will be able to open the following programs:

  • Office, including Word 2016, Excel 2016 and PowerPoint 2016. However
  • Employee Self Service - open Google chrome and go to
  • SAP client (Finance and HR system)
  • SITS client for the Student Record System - Important: you will need to use the alternative way to access University Remote Desktop
  • Personal Z: drive
  • Shared Departmental X: drive
  • Research R: drive (Research File Store)

When can I use University Remote Desktop?

You can use University Remote Desktop from Monday to Friday between 7.00am to 7.00pm. Ensure you have logged out by 7.00pm, otherwise you will be logged out and may lose your work. This is for security reasons, while IT Services staff can monitor use.

What happens if I don't sign out?

You will be signed out: after 15 minutes if you Close or Disconnect from a Remote Desktop session; or after two hours of inactivity. You may lose your work if it's not saved.

Can I access the internet?

No, University Remote Access does not let you access the Internet using the Chrome web browser. It is designed to let you access University hosted services and files.

Use the web browser on your PC to access and any other web based application.

Can I copy and paste?

You can copy and paste text. However It’s not possible to copy and paste files into a Remote Desktop windows. Instead you can save a file to your Personal Z: drive using MyFiles, then within the Remote Desktop open File explorer, navigate to Documents and open the file you saved using MyFiles.

I see a message: 'Oops, we couldn’t connect to…'

This may occur if you lose access to the internet or an other reasons. Click on Reconnect to connect again. If this doesn’t work, wait a few minutes and click Reconnect again.
Oops we couldn't connect error message

Alternate way to access University Remote Desktop (for SITS client)

If you will be using the SITS Client follow these steps:

  1. Install the certificate - you only need to do the first time you use a computer. If you use a different computer or login as a different user, repeat these steps
    1. Download and install the security certificate and double click to open the certificate
      UOL Root Certificate
    2. Click Open from the Unknown publisher window
      Unknown publisher
    3. Click Install Certificate...
      Install certificate
    4. Click Next
      Current user mode
    5. Click Next
      Automatically select
    6. Click Finish
      Complete the certificate install
    7. Click OK on the message box saying The Import was successful.

      Import successful
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your University IT account username and password. Click Sign inSign in
  4. Click Settings (cog icon). Select Download the rdp file

    Download the rdp file
  5. Click the UOL Homeworking Desktops icon

    UOL Homeworking Desktops
  6. An RDP file will download (Check your browser Downloads). On Google Chrome this will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on this file to open it
    RDP file downloaded
  7. Click on Connect

    Click Connect
  8. Enter uol\ followed by University IT account username and then your password

    Enter username and password
  9. The Remote Desktop will appear, containing a Windows desktop

    RDP Desktop

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