Help with the Additional Information form

The Additional Information form is sent to you when your request is approved. The information we request in this form helps us to prepare and install your new University staff laptop.

You will need to know the answers to the following questions in order to complete the form. You might want to find out the answers from the links below before you start. If you are still not sure of the answer to any of the questions, call the IT Service Desk.

  1. Which University network printers will you use?
  2. Your current computer name?
  3. Do you have any email archive folders?
  4. Do you have any data stored on your computer?
  5. Which programs have you installed using the Program Installer?

    See the Programs on laptops to see how to check which programs you’ve installed and which programs can be accessed off campus.
  6. Which additional programs have been installed by IT Services on your PC by request?

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