Request, choose and order a desktop or laptop

This information will assist you to request, choose and order a University staff desktop or laptop.

Who can request a desktop or laptop PC

Before completing this form please read the Request of IT Equipment Policy relating to desktop and laptop computers

Desktop PCLaptopMac
Staff Grade 7 or below Central Department funds additional cost Department funds additional cost
Staff Grade 8 or above Central Central Department funds additional cost
  • You can request your own PC (ensure you have the necessary permissions from your manager)
  • The manager of a new member of staff who hasn’t yet started can submit a request and give further details using the request form

How to request, choose and order a desktop or laptop PC

You can use the Product catalogue to compare which University standard PCs are available to you.

1. Fill in the University staff PC (desktop/laptop) request form below. The form is submitted to the IT Service Desk.

2. If your request is approved we will contact you to discuss the type of PC you require.  If you require a non-standard specification PC please indicate so on the request form.

3. You will be asked to complete an additional information form

4. We will contact you with any additional questions

5. If you have requested a University staff laptop will contact you to arrange an appointment for a laptop handover session at your desk for your laptop to be installed.

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