PC Areas access and acceptable use

Acceptable behaviour in PC Areas

  • Switch off or silence mobile phones, minimise conversations and respect other people's requests for quiet.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking not allowed in PC Areas.
  • Please place any litter in the bins provided.

Personal devices and laptops

The unauthorised connection of laptops, PCs or other personal devices to the University wired computer network is not allowed for security reasons. Note, however, that:

  • All members of the University may connect a privately owned laptop to University wifi

  • Personal storage devices eg. USB memory keys, may be connected to an student PC by means of a USB socket.

  • The downloading or uploading of unlicensed ("pirated") software, copyrighted documents, pornographic images and the like are strictly forbidden. Disciplinary action, including the suspension of their computer accounts, will be taken against anyone found to be in breach of this regulation.

Access to PC areas

Some PC areas are in buildings that have restricted access and you will only be able to obtain access to them if you have access to the building concerned. Some PC area available to use out of hours (e.g. Charles Wilson 304/305). Some departmental PC areas can also be accessed out of hours - speak to your department if you have any queries about this.

Some open access areas may be booked for teaching and you will be expected to vacate the room if necessary.

Booking a PC Area

The Student Academic Services is responsible for all main site and satellite campus room bookings for teaching (both during term-time and vacation). This includes the PC Areas that are available for teaching.

A central room bookings system provides a single point of contact through which departmental staff can make arrangements for booking rooms for teaching activities. To book a PC Area please contact roombookings@le.ac.uk.

Maintenance of Computers

From time to time it is necessary for staff from IT Services to work on the computers in PC Areas to ensure that they are working at optimum efficiency.

The work will usually prevent user access to machines and you should bear in mind the possibility of such service interruptions when planning work which is needed by a particular deadline.

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