How to order a mobile phone

For staff requesting a phone

  1. Before you order a mobile phone, choose a phone and tariff:
  2. If you need help selecting a phone, ask your Departmental IT Contact (DITC). They can contact the IT Service Desk to get help or arrange for a demonstration of the current phones.

  3. Read the Conditions of Use.
  4. Once you have selected the phone you require, you must obtain written authorisation from your Head of Department to place an order
  5. You should then approach your DITC to place the order on your behalf - only the DITC can raise the order
  6. You will need to inform your DITC that you have read and accepted the Conditions of Use.

To be completed by the Departmental IT Contact (DITC)

Before ordering a mobile phone, the DITC must ensure that the following are in place:

  1. Written agreement from the Head of Department that the user can order the model of mobile device selected. There must be an auditable trail of this authorisation. If an existing arrangement does not exist, the written authorisation may be uploaded into the support request where it will be retained by IT Services
  2. The user has accepted the Conditions of Use
  3. The cost centre number to be charged for the device and monthly rental and call charges

The DITC should then raise an order by using the Request a new University mobile phone form (login required).

The phone will be delivered to the DITC, normally within five working days, subject to stock availability.

  • Notification of the rental and call charges will be sent to the administrator and Head of Department on a quarterly basis
  • Charges for the phone will be automatically debited from the departmental cost centre

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