University Mobile phones are provided with the Vodafone Mobile Worker Tariff, with the following charges and allowances:

Mobile Worker Tariff voice & data charges

Monthly Access (voice) £2.50
Monthly Access (data) £7.50

Calls to landline numbers (starting 01, 02, 03, 0845, 0800, 0500) £0.00
Calls to 0870 £0.00
Calls to UK Vodafone mobile phones £0.00
Calls to the UK Vodafone voicemail system £0.00
Calls to other UK networks £0.00
Calls to ‘3’ network (UK) £0.00
Calls to directory enquiries on 118881 70.83p
Calls to personal roadwatch (2222) £1.50
Calls to premium rate numbers 17p to 425.5p
Video calls to a UK Vodafone mobile 29.7p
Video calls to other UK networks 46.8p
Standard UK text to UK Vodafone mobiles £0.00
Standard UK text to other UK networks £0.00
MMS long text 12.8p
MMS picture/postcard 30.6p
MMS video 51p

Mobile Broadband

Monthly Access FeeDaily charge
Inclusive monthly UK data usage
Mobile Broadband Professional
£10.00 No
Mobile Broadband Executive £20.00 No

International Travel

If you have a University mobile phone and expect to travel and use your phone outside the UK, please contact the IT Service Desk prior to your departure to ensure that the appropriate access can be made to your tariff.

Staff  who have voice and data contracts have daily data allowances built into their standard tariff:

LocationDaily Allowance
Inside the EU 50 MB
Outside the EU 25 MB

Additional Data

There are additional data bundles available to add to the standard tariff. These must be added prior to your departure. Costs range from an additional 10 MB per day for £10 per month  to an additional 200MB per day for £80 per month.

Making calls outside the UK

Voice calls outside the UK are not included in the standard tariff. If you intend to make calls during your travels, you will need to add-on minutes to your contract. The costs for these are:



USA & Canada

Rest of the World

Bundle Size

Monthly access fee

60 minutes




120 minutes




500 minutes




All University mobile contracts are subject to a 50 Euro per month cap whilst outside the UK. This can be removed, but there are then no limits to the costs that you will be able to accumulate during your trip. Requests to remove this cap should be made through your DITC to the IT Service Desk. 

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