University loan laptops

Laptops are available for students and staff of the University of Leicester to borrow for use in the Library. There are forty laptops in total, located in self service lockers in the Help Zone, ground floor of the David Wilson Library.

University loan laptopYou can use loan laptops to access the Internet, your email using a browser and use Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

How long can I borrow the loan laptop?

Loan laptops are automatically issued to your Library account and may be borrowed for up to four hours during the Library’s opening hours but can only be used within the Library.

Who can use a loan laptop?

University of Leicester students and staff.

Where can I borrow a loan laptop?

The loan laptops are located in lockers found in the Help Zone on the Ground Floor of the David Wilson Library.

Where can I use the loan laptop?

Anywhere in the David Wilson Library, but you must not take it out of the Library.

How do I borrow a loan laptop?

  1. Scan your University ID Card on the lockers in the Help Zone on the Ground Floor of the David Wilson Library
  2. Power buttonOpen the locker drawer indicated by the green light. Disconnect the power lead and remove the laptop from the drawer. This will issue the laptop to you
  3. Open the lid of the loan laptop and turn it on by pressing the power button on the top left, above the keyboard
  4. Login to the laptop with your University IT account username and password. You will automatically be connected to wifi

A buzzer will sound after two minutes if you open a locker and then do not take out the laptop. An alarm will sound if you try to take the laptop out of the Library, or if the locker doors are forced.

Can I renew my loan laptop?

You are unable to renew the laptop you have been working on, but once returned you may borrow another laptop straight away, if one is available.

How do I return my loan laptop?

When you've finished using the loan laptop:

  1. Remember to save your work
  2. Shut down the laptop and close the lid
  3. Return the laptop to the lockers in the Help Zone and scan your University ID card
  4. Open the locker drawer and put the laptop inside
  5. Reconnect the cable to recharge the laptop. Close the drawer. The laptop will automatically be removed from your Library account when the power cable is reconnected

Will I be fined if I don't return my loan laptop?

The fine for not returning laptop is £5 for every calendar day or part thereafter it becomes overdue. If you don't return or lose a laptop, you will be charged the full cost of replacing it.

How do I know if the loan laptop battery is charged when I borrow it?

The locker will release laptops that have at least 20 minutes of charge in them. When you return a laptop remember to plug in the power cable firmly so they are ready for the next person.

The Library is not able to supply a power supply or a cable for the loan laptops.

What can I use a loan laptop for?

You can use a loan laptop to access the internet, access email using a browser, use Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

What if I want to use a specialist program?

You will need to use one of the 900 PCs available across the campus, including 350 in the David Wilson Library.  These PCs have the many specialist programs available using the Program Installer.

How do I save my work?

Use MyFiles to download your work and then upload it. Students can use OneDrive.

Can I print?

Yes, you can print from the loan laptop using mobile print.

Wifi button

What do I do if the loan laptop won't connect to the internet?

It maybe that wifi has been switched off – check to see if the wifi button (top right) is orange. If so, press the wifi button, which should then turn white and you should be able to access the internet.

Also, as signal strength can vary throughout the building, try a different location if you are still having any difficulty.

What do I do if a loan laptop does not appear to work properly?

During service hours, you can borrow another laptop if one is available.

Rules for borrowing loan laptops

By borrowing a loan laptop you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will only use the loan laptop in the Library
  • The loan laptop is your responsibility whilst you have borrowed it, until it is returned to the locker
  • You will not leave the laptop unattended, as it may be claimed by another student, member of staff or returned to the lockers. If you are going to another part of the Library, take the laptop with you
  • You will not save any files on the laptop. Instead you can save files using MyFiles or OneDrive.
  • You will not install any software on a loan laptop
  • You will use headphones if you are playing any music or video with sound
  • The use of loan laptops is governed by the University Regulations for IT Users
  • By connecting to eduroam wifi you are agree the eduroam regulations, the regulations of the University of Leicester.

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