Linux Desktops

Managed Linux Desktop machines for Staff and Postgraduates

If you prefer to use Linux you may request a managed Linux desktop which complies with the University Supported PC Policy.



Thunderbird setup

Off campus access


Features of the Linux Desktop Service include:

  • Centrally provided home directories with authenticated access
  • Scientific Software available via a network share
  • Printing to networked Smart Printers using print queues
  • Device performance monitoring
  • Logging to remote log server
  • On access virus scanning
  • Access to R:drive / Research File Store shares
  • SSH access available on campus
  • SSH access from off campus access via jump host
  • Regular updates during usual IT maintenance

Accessing Linux Desktop machines

All Staff and Postgraduates can request access to desktop machines which are part of the Linux Desktop Service. You can log on to a machine directly when you are sitting in front of it, or remotely via SSH when you are elsewhere on campus, or off campus via the jump host

Use your University IT account username, e.g abc123 (do not include or and your University IT account password.


What version of Linux is available?
Are other versions / flavours of Linux available?
I need to use a software package on my managed Linux desktop which is not available.
My colleague is using a particular software package but I can't run it.
Can I automatically load modules for software I use often?
How do I access email from a managed Linux Desktop?
How do I print a document from a managed Linux desktop machine?
I can't log on - the desktop starts to display and then goes back to the Username prompt again.
I want to have root access to a desktop machine

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