Jump host / gateway

Jump host / gateway for off campus access to specific services

By default and design, direct off campus access to on-site hosts is blocked by the campus firewall. The jump host service allows off campus users to access specific on-campus hosts by hopping or tunnelling via a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to the jump host.

How do I use the jump host?

Which hosts can I access on campus?

I need direct external access to a machine

How do I use the jump host?


Please note that you do not need to use the jump host to connect to the SPECTRE2 HPC service - please see Access SPECTRE - NoMachine for more details on how to connect directly.

If the on-campus machine runs the NX server then then it is possible to tunnel connections via the jump host using the local SOCKS proxy feature of SSH which the NX client is compatible with:


On your home / external linux machine:

ssh –D 8080 user@uol-jh.le.ac.uk


NX client
In NX “advanced” connection settings: Keep TCP and UDP to whichever standard ports you normally use.
Use a proxy for the network connection
Additionally specify to use a proxy: manual. host port 8080




Which hosts can I access on campus via the jump host?

I need direct external access to a host

All requests for changes to the campus firewall allowing increased levels of access must be reviewed by IT Security. Please contact the IT Service Desk with details of your request including why the jump host does not meet your requirements.

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