PolSARpro is a polarimetric SAR data processing and educational tool.

Install PolSARpro

Before you can use PolSARpro, you need to create a minimal installation of the application in your home directory. This is because PolSARpro is not designed to be installed in a central location.

To install PolSARpro:

> module load polsarpro

Loading the polsarpro module just makes the installer available. It will only be required for this stage.

You then need to run the polsarpro-setup command. This installs polsarpro in a new polsarpro directory within the current working directory.  If the polsarpro directory already exists, the command will fail.

> polsarpro-setup
Created 'polsarpro' directory
Created symbolic links
Created configuration directory
Run /home/l/ljg2/software/polsarpro/polsarpro to start PolSARpro

Run PolSARpro

Once you have installed PolSARpro, you no longer need to load the polsarpro module. You can run PolSARpro using this command:

Run /home/l/ljg2/software/polsarpro/polsarpro

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