IDL is a data analysis programming language. Only authorised users can use IDL.

Request permission to use IDL

If you are in the EOS group (IDL 7.0 & IDL 8.2), Geography (IDL 8.0) and EPIC (IDL 8.1) contact the IT Service Desk. Other groups and departments manage their own licences for IDL, so you need to contact someone in your own group or department.

If you are not authorised to use IDL, you will see this message:

LICENSE MANAGER: License server system does not support this feature

If you see this message and think that you should be authorised to use IDL, contact the IT Service Desk.

Manage departmental/group licences

Groups or Departments that run their own IDL licence manager need to set the IDL_LMGRD_LICENSE_FILE variable on ALICE and SPECTRE to point to the departmental licence manager before running IDL.

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