Request access to ALICE

Access to ALICE is available only to research postgraduates and staff.

Everybody who uses ALICE must be associated with one or more approved High Performance Computing (HPC) Research Projects. This could be a larger research programme or cover a research group within, or across, departments.

This enables the University to:

  • Group ALICE users together
  • Know what sort of research the service is being used for
  • Track funding sources, where they exist, for the research being carried out
  • Provide a structure for allowing data to be shared between collaborating users
  • Manage data for users when they leave the University or stop working on a particular project

Register your research project

  • Anyone in a supervisory role can register a project by completing the Request access to ALICE form (login required).
  • Once submitted, the project request will be processed and normally be available within 2-3 days
  • Research Projects will be assigned a unique Unix group on ALICE. All associated accounts of a project will have this as a secondary group

Request an account

Project PIs and their alternative PIs will automatically get an account on ALICE when their project is approved. Requests for new user accounts can come directly from the PI or one of the Project's designated alternative PIs. Other people can request their own account, but this will need approval from the appropriate PI(s).

To request a new ALICE account, contact the IT Service Desk. Please state the research project to which you wish to be added.

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