How to use FileDrop

Open a web browser and type in this address:

If you are classed as a University member (staff or research student), you can log in using your University IT account username and password.

Upload and Download Files

FileDrop is designed to allow researchers at the University to exchange files with collaborators outside the University. For example:

University members can upload a file for other University members, non-members or external collaborators to download:

  1. Drop-off and Pick-up buttonsUniversity staff or research students (members) can log in to FileDrop and click the Drop-off button to upload one or more files. They can send the files to multiple recipients by specifying a list of email addresses.

  2. Other University members specified as recipients can log in to FileDrop and Pick-up the data.
  3. External collaborators will be sent an email with a link to follow that is specific to the Drop Off.  They have to type in obscured text from an image (captcha) in order to download the files.

External collaborators can upload a file for University members to download:

  1. External collaborators cannot log in to FileDrop, but can still click Drop-off to upload files for a University member, as long as they know their email address. 
  2. The University member can then log in to FileDrop and Pick-up those files.

University members can speed up the process for external collaborators to send them files:

  1. Members of the University (excluding taught students) can log in to FileDrop and click the Request a Drop-off button.
  2. The external collaborator can then upload files without having to pass any tests to prove who they are, which makes the whole process a lot quicker for them.

Find out more

You can find detailed instructions on using FileDrop on the About FileDrop page. There is a link to this at the bottom of every page within the FileDrop site.

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