About FileDrop

FileDrop enables researchers to exchange files securely with external collaborators.

FileDrop screenshotFor example:

  • University staff and research students can upload files via a web browser.  Specified people within or outside the University can then download the files.
  • External collaborators can upload files via a web browser. Specified University staff and research students can then download the files.

FileDrop uses the ZendTo software developed by the University of Southampton to provide a web based file sharing service. Data is encrypted whilst it is transferred over the network and all files are checked for viruses.  You can send multiple files to a list of recipients, however there are limits on the amount of data that you can transfer. You can find more information on the About FileDrop page.  If you have a large number of files it may be easier to create a zip file or tar archive to upload.

Files will be deleted automatically after 14 days, or once they have been downloaded by all recipients if this is sooner.

FileDrop is not designed for personal data or other sensitive information since it does not encrypt the data itself.  If you need to share such information externally, you should refer to the Information Security Policy and particularly the Cryptography policy.

Who can use FileDrop?

Academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate research students at the University of Leicester are classed as members within FileDrop. Members can send and receive files to anyone, inside or outside the University. Taught students are classed as non-members and can only exchange files with members at the University. External collaborators can also exchange files with members at the University. They do not need an account, but will be sent an email with a link to follow and obscured text (captcha) to enter.

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