About Digital Signage


Digital signage is electronic multimedia notice boards that are often located in public spaces – such as departmental foyers – and offer a dynamic means by which a lot of important information can be delivered to a watching audience.

By their very nature digital signage support a wide variety of media formats which can be updated remotely or scheduled to be played at a certain date and time.  For example an Open Day screen can be prepared in advance and automatically release on the appropriate day.

New digital signage is now on display within the David Wilson Library’s Help Zone, Postgraduate Reading Area and Student Support Zone. The IT Services procurement of this equipment was done in conjunction with Library staff and we have settled upon a solution from Onelan Digital Signage Solutions who offered us the serviceability and flexibility that we wanted from such a service. [Onelan won the AV Awards Digital Signage Company of the Year 2008 after they had increased their share of digital signage sales into its target markets – UK foyers and education – from 12% in 2006 to 22% in 2008.]


The solution involves a “Net-Top-Box” which (optionally) can be connected to the campus network and various media content can be uploaded onto this box or integrated from other Web services, such as Web pages or Adobe Presenter presentations.

Follow the related links on the left-hand navigation bar to find out more about the Onelan Digital Signage solution and the support IT  Services can offer in the purchase and installation of such devices.

Note: to be effective digital signage has to be managed service and appropriate staff resource must be found from within departments to support such a service.


Digital Signage
Onelan Digital Signage Solutions

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