Search for a report

Search on the Documents Tab

The Home and Documents tabs are always displayed by default.

You can use the Documents tab to search. When you select the Search option you will be able to find for a particular report.

  1. Select Search
  2. Enter the keyword for the report into the Search field and click the Search button
  3. Select the appropriate report from the Search Results on the right section of the screen. The Search Results will display the reports that match the search criteria you submitted. If you hover your mouse over the name of the report you will see the following:
    • The name of the report
    • The description of the report.
    • Type of report (e.g. Web Intelligence, Excel)
    • The Location of the report in the folder structure
  4. Double click on the report to open it
  5. The selected report will open in the main window. You will see a report tab, containing the name of the report, at the top of the screen alongside the Home and Documents tabs

Open multiple reports

You can have multiple reports open at the same time. This will enable you to compare them against one another using the report tabs at the top of the screen.

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