Prompt generated reports

A prompt generated report is a report which requires fields of criteria to be entered before the report can be refreshed.

When a report of this type is opened, a Prompts window appears.

required prompt report

The Prompts Summary on the left side of the Prompts window, shows the criteria to be entered. This can differ depending on how the report is set up.

Some fields are set up so that they can have multiple values added if required e.g. department1 and department2.  If the field is set up to have multiple values the the field will appear similar to Department(s) rather than Department.

Some of the fields have a green tick and others will have a red arrow.

green tick

A green tick indicates fields that are Optional or Populated fields.

The report will only open once all the fields in the Prompt Summary are marked with a green tick.

Red Arrow

Fields marked with a red arrow are Mandatory fields that are unpopulated.

Once you have entered a value for this field, then the red arrow change to a green tick.

Required field

Some fields have and asterisk * next to them. These fields are required fields and must be completed to generate the report.

Optional field

You can leave an optional field blank if you want to.  If an optional field (e.g. Course) is left blank the report will display everything for that field (e.g. every course). If a value for the optional field is entered (e.g. with the name of a course) the report will display data just for that field (e.g. the information about that course only).

Pre-populated field

A pre-populated field could contain the current academic year or it could just be set to remember the last used selection. You can change a pre-populated field if you need to.

Mandatory fields

If a field within a prompt generated report has a red arrow next to it, then it is an un-populated field.  You must provide a value for the fields. If you select an un-populated field a search field will appear so that you can enter the appropriate criteria/values.

Some un-populated fields will require a selection to be made from a given list. If this is the case:

  1. Select the criteria/values from the list on the left and use the right arrow button to add to the field on the right
  2. When you have added all the search criteria click the Run Query button. You will know when this is possible, as you will have green ticks against all fields.
  3. The data retrieval will begin
  4. Once the data has been retrieved the report will appear on screen

The Run Query button will not appear until you have a full set of green ticks.

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