Document Properties

document propertiesOn the left of the Document Summary pane there are the Document Property buttons.

A flag will appear describing the button when you hover over the buttons with the mouse.

Once you select one of these buttons the pane situated to the right of them will change from the Document Summary to display the details selected.

Document Summary

The top button will already be selected, this is the Document Summary button.

 Document Summary Doc

On the left hand side of a report there is the document summary pane.  This area can be hidden if not required by clicking on the double arrows. This area can also be widened if required.

The following useful information is displayed in the General tab of the Document Summary

  1. Type:
  2. Author:
  3. Creation date:
  4. Description:
  5. Keywords: (that were used to group)


The other useful tabs within the document summary are:


This is a list of the prompts selected  to generate the report.

Data Options

If this is available it will say so on it.

Print the Document Summary

If you click on the Print button within the Document Summary the document summary will print out (not the actual report).

 If you want to print the report out you will need to select the Print button on the Web Intelligence Toolbar at the top of the report.

Navigation Map

Navigation Map allows you to go straight to a particular page of the report

 Navigation Map 

Input Controls

Input controls are set up by the report writers.  If these are available they will display various options such as tick boxes and radio buttons to enable you to filter the data displayed within the report (e.g. to switch between male and female)

 Input control button

User Prompt Input

User Prompt Input is a summary of the prompts selected to run the report. This is only available for prompt generated reports.  It is possible to view certain parts of the report by using the filters.  If one of the original prompts selected was an in-list field (e.g. all courses displayed), it is possible to select just one of the courses from the list to filter the report data.

 Usert Prompt input

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