Launch Pad

When you login to Business Objects you will see the main menu called the Business Objects Launch Pad:

Launchpad Header Panel

The header panel displays your username and provides you with access to the following menus:

  •  Applications
    You can access other plugins for Business Objects. The applications that you can use depends on your permissions and license. Some applications such as InfoView are available as standard.

  • Preferences
    This includes your account details and your preferences for display on start up.

  • Help Menu

    You can access the Business Objects help and the About page, containing more information about Business Objects
  • Log Off

    You should use this option to log off when you have finished using Business Objects
  • Search
    Choose this option to search for a report.  This is one of the many ways you can search using Business Objects



Navigate around the Home Tab
Navigate around the Documents Tab

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