Borrow audio visual equipment

You can borrow and use audio visual equipment to support learning and teaching activities.

If you book a room through room bookings, you do not need to request audio and video equipment installed in the room. See the rooms directory for details of equipment installed in each teaching room.

Book additional equipment

If the room you are using doesn't have the required equipment, additional audio and video equipment can be borrowed. Support for learning and teaching activities is prioritised - there may be occasions where it is not be possible to provide additional equipment for other University activities.

It is not possible to loan equipment to students unless they are part of a club or society. Only registered committee members on your society signatory list can borrow equipment.

Use the book equipment online form to order equipment for a single event. If you need to book equipment on a regular basis, fill out the form with details of any additional sessions.

Borrow a laptop

Laptops are available for staff to borrow. Unfortunately, we can’t lend laptops to students, however they can borrow a University loan laptop for use within the University Library.

These laptops are encrypted using BitLocker. When you borrow a laptop, you’ll need to enter the PIN as you turn on the computer. The PIN will be provided at the time you collect the laptop.

Security of recordings

If you borrow a Portable digital audio recorder (Dictaphone) or HD video camera, they include various security features to protect the recordings from unauthorised access:

  • Portable digital audio recorders (Dictaphones) are encrypted. You will be provided with a PIN code when you collect the device, to enable you to download recordings
  • HD video cameras are provided with a lockable case and combination padlock. You’ll be provided with combination when you collect the device. Ensure you keep the device locked in the case when not in use.

After you have finished with a recording device, ensure you have deleted any recordings, before it is returned.

Copyright and consent for recordings

Before using an audio recorder or video camera, ensure you have the consent of those who are being recorded. You should not record content, which is subject to copyright restrictions, unless you have permission from the owner.

Help, advice or purchase of audio and video equipment

For help and enquiries you can contact Learning and Teaching Room Support directly. Send an email to

If you need to purchase audio video equipment, contact the IT Service Desk.

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