What's New - July 2016

Blackboard was upgraded between the 12 July 2016 and 13 July 2016. There were very few changes to Blackboard itself, but changes to Turnitin and a new way of interacting with students in real-time were introduced at the same time.

Discussion Board navigation

In the new version of Blackboard, you can move directly from one thread of the Discussion Board to another without having to return to the forum.

Thread navigation

Turnitin changes

When viewing an originality report or marking using GradeMark, the submitted work now opens in the new Feedback Studio rather than the old Document Viewer.  This looks different, but mostly works in the same way. There are no changes to the way you set up Turnitin assignments or how students submit their work. For more information about the changes to Turnitin, see Turnitin's website.  Turnitin also have an interactive demo where you can try the new Feedback Studio.

Feedback Studio

If you prefer, you can click Return to Turnitin Classic at the bottom of the screen to carry on using the current version.

Return to Turnitin Classic

Chat and Virtual Classroom

Blackboard are no longer supporting their Chat and Virtual Classroom tools, so these were switched off during the upgrade.  As an alternative, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is now available in all course sites.  Collaborate Ultra is a real-time online conferencing tool that allows you to share audio and video as well as files and applications.  Participants can interact using chat and notifications.  For more information, see Blackboard's Collaborate Ultra help pages.

Collaborate Ultra

Please note that members of the School of Management who are currently using the classic version of Blackboard Collaborate will be able to continue to do so.


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