What's New - July 2014

Blackboard was upgraded between the 15 July 2014 and 16 July 2014. There are some small changes that will mainly affect staff.


Blackboard has portfolios to allow students to collect and organise samples of work in order to demonstrate progress and achievement. The portfolios have been improved and simplified in the new version. However the templates that were used previously are no longer available for new portfolios.

You can access the portfolios from the Global Navigation menu at the top of the screen, under Tools:

Access portfolios

Portfolios can be shared with people within and outside the University. They can also be downloaded so the contents can be viewed after you have left the University.

  • See the Portfolios help page for more information

Student Preview

Student Preview

The Student Preview allows you to see a course site exactly as a student sees it, without having to login with a separate account. Once in Student Preview mode, you can interact with the course as a student, including taking tests and submitting work to assignments.

When you leave Student Preview mode, you can choose whether to delete the preview student and all data, or keep them.

Calculated Formula Test Questions

You can now define the number of significant figures required for calculated formula questions in tests.


Badge example

You can create badges and certificates that students earn if they satisfy certain criteria. Students can share the badges using the Mozilla Backpack.

Enterprise Surveys

Enterprise surveys are not linked to any particular course site in Blackboard but can be sent to anyone, including people outside the University. If you want to create an enterprise survey you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to request access. You will then see the Enterprise Surveys option in the Tools section of the Blackboard Home page.

You can create the following types of questions:

  • Either/Or
  • Likert scale
  • Matrix
  • Multiple Choice
  • Open Entry

Survey responses can be analysed in Blackboard or exported to Excel