What's New - April 2013

Blackboard was upgraded to the latest service pack during April 2013. There were only minor changes, but some bugs were fixed.

Here are the main changes in the upgraded version of Blackboard.

Staff and students

Global Navigation Menu

The menu in the top right of the screen has changed to what is called the Global Navigation Menu.  This gives access to all your course sites, settings and updates in your course sites.  The Logout button has also changed.

Before After
Old menu

Global Navigation Menu

Text editor

The text editor that you use when adding items and posts in Discussion Boards, blogs and wikis has been slightly updated.  For example, the options in the top right of the editor look different.

Before After
Old text editor

Text editor

File Picker

When you click Browse Content Collection to add a file from the Content Collection, you see a different File Picker.

File Picker

YouTube videos on mobiles

Mashups such as YouTube videos, Flickr photos and SlideShare presentations will now work from the mobile app.

Students only

My Grades

My Grades looks very different after the upgrade. You can choose to see grades listed by date or by course.

My Grades Date_Course

For each course, assignments are listed on the right of the screen in sections with the totals at the top. Click on the name of the assignment to see your feedback. Click on Comments to see comments from the marker.

My Grades mark feedback

Staff only


  • Fill-in-the-blank questions can use 'contains' and 'pattern match' for answers rather than having to specify every possible answer individually. For example, you can specify that the answer has to contain Franklin, so that Benjamin Franklin, Franklin, B Franklin, B. Franklin and Ben Franklin are all counted as correct answers.
  • If you want to include a file in a question, you have to upload the file using the paperclip option in the text editor.  Paperclip Previously files were uploaded in a separate section.
  • There is a new Item Analysis option for tests which provides statistics on overall test performance and on individual test questions.


The Blackboard rubrics (not those in GradeMark) include an additional Percentage Range rubric.

Course Copy

When copying content from one course to another, you can specify a new option:  copy links and copies of the content.  This means that only files that are actually linked to the Blackboard course site will be copied.