Tabbed course view in Blackboard

You will now see a tabbed view of your course sites in Blackboard. These group your current and previous teaching modules, student life and professional development courses, so you can find the right course quickly.

Following the introduction of new Blackboard modules for each academic year, there are now more courses appearing in the My Courses list in Blackboard. We have received feedback that it is difficult to distinguish between current or past Blackboard modules and find the Blackboard course you’re after. In future years, this list of courses will only get longer, for those involved in teaching.

What’s changed?

You will now see your Blackboard courses grouped into these headings:

  • Current modules for teaching this year
  • Previous modules for teaching from previous years
  • Student Life – Blackboard courses which fall outside of core teaching, for example from the Careers Development Service
  • Professional Development – Blackboard courses for staff and postgraduate researchers, such as mandatory training
Previous course viewPrevious view: all courses appear in one long list Advanced tab viewNew view: Blackboard courses are grouped as tabs

Tabs will only show when you are enrolled on one or more course of that type, e.g. students won't see the Professional Development tab. Professional services staff won’t see the current or previous tab if they aren’t involved in teaching.

Find your Blackboard module using Course Search

You can now use find your Blackboard course by entering a keyword and clicking on Search:

Course search

Prefer the old view?

If you would like to be able to hide Blackboard courses or change the order in which they are displayed, the old My Courses list is now on the Courses tab on Blackboard.

Full course view