Getting started with Blackboard

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used at the University of Leicester. It is the main technology used by staff to structure and deliver learning resources, and the main technology used by students to support their studies.

As a result, it is important to understand how Blackboard can work for you and your students, and which features it offers to enhance your teaching and your students’ learning.

How do you get access to Blackboard?

All staff and students at the University have access to Blackboard. You can find a link to Blackboard at the bottom of every page in the University web site, or go directly to

Logging in

If you are using a University computer on campus then you will be logged in automatically.

If you are off-campus or using Eduroam them you will need to login using your University IT account username and password.

On the Blackboard Home page you will see a list of courses on the left of the screen (or the top of the list on a mobile phone). This list only shows courses that you are enrolled in.

Home page with tabbed course display

Depending on your role in a course site, you will have different permissions, as shown on the Roles page.

If you need to be enrolled on an existing Blackboard course site, contact one of the Instructors on the course to request this. To create a new Blackboard course site, contact the IT Service Desk: see the Create a new course page for more details..In some cases you can self-enrol onto a course..

Video demo This short video will help you find out how to navigate around Blackboard.

Using Blackboard on a mobile phone or tablet

Blackboard is designed to work effectively in a browser on a mobile phone or tablet.

There is a Blackboard Instructor app that allows you to view content, take part in discussions and use Blackboard Collaborate.

Students can use the Blackboard app for students to view and participate in their courses.

Getting help

If you have a problem with Blackboard, contact the IT Service Desk.

If you need guidance or training on how to use Blackboard effectively in your teaching then contact the Leicester Learning Institute by emailing

Next steps

Now that you can login to Blackboard and find your way around, follow the links below to find out how to use different aspects of Blackboard in your teaching:

  • Add learning materials: how to structure a Blackboard course so that it works well for students and how to add different types of learning materials.
  • Assessment: how to set up assessments in Blackboard, give marks and feedback, and view student progress.
  • Communication and Collaboration: how can you make your Blackboard courses more interactive, including various options for setting up features for communication and collaboration.
  • Managing a course: creating new Blackboard courses, archiving, enrolling staff and students, creating groups, managing Turnitin assignments.
  • Tips: what's new, topical tips, known issues and FAQs.

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