How do I create a web link into my course site?

You can link to your Blackboard course sites from an email or a web page outside Blackboard by composing a special web address containing identifiers relating to your course site.  

The format of the web address (URL) for linking to a course site on Blackboard is as follows:

You need to substitute x for part of the course_id which you can find as follows:

  1. Look at the web address of your Blackboard course in your browser. This will be in the form
  2. Take the number from the course_id to get the value of x. For example, if the course_id is _7059_1 then x is 7059.
  3. In this case, the link to your course site would be

If someone clicks on a course site link like this, they will first be prompted to log into Blackboard. If they are already logged in they will be taken directly to the course site.

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