How do I solve problems with course contents?

If you are experiencing problems with the contents of a Blackboard course site you should first contact your course site instructor or tutor.

You should contact your course instructor or tutor if you:

  • can't find something on your course site
  • can't download a file from your course site
  • find a broken link on your course site
  • aren't sure how or where to submit an assignment
  • aren't sure if an assignment has been received
  • wish to resubmit an assignment

You can find the names of course instructors in the Course List box which is located on the Courses page in Blackboard.

Some course sites may have a Help and Contacts section, which contains contact information for course instructors or administrators who can assist you with course content.

Blackboard course sites and their contents are managed by course instructor(s). Any enquiry about Blackboard course site contents will usually be passed to the relevant course instructor, which will delay a response to you. IT Services can only assist in resolving technical issues where content is not working as it should.

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