How to participate

Discussion forums

To create a new discussion thread, open the Discussion Board and click on the name of a forum to open it. You will then see the Create Thread button at the top of the screen. Enter the Subject and Message and click Submit to create the new thread.

Depending on how the forum is set up, there may also be a Subscribe button. Click this if you want to receive emails when someone posts in the forum.

On the discussion thread page, you can choose to see the whole messages or just name and subject by clicking the Expand All and Collapse All buttons at the top of the screen.

Discussion Board Expand Collapse

Move your mouse over a message and click Reply to post a new message.

You can collect selected messages onto a single page to make it easier to read them and you can also print from this view.

See Blackboard's help page on Discussion Forums and Threads for more information about using the Discussion Board.

Blogs and Journals

To add a new entry to a blog or journal, open it and click the Create Blog Entry (or Create Journal Entry) button at the top of the page. Entries will be displayed in chronological order with the most recent at the top.

If you have set up a blog as a Course blog, you will see the entries for all students on one page. You can see entries for individual students using the options on the right of the screen.

Blog - see individuals

As a member of staff, you can see all students' journal entries by choosing their names from the list on the right of the screen. However each student will only be able to see their own entries, as long as you did not select the option to 'Permit Course Users to View Journal'.

See Blackboard's help pages on Blogs and Journals for more information.


Click Edit Wiki Content to edit the current page of the wiki. Click Create Wiki Page to create a new page. You can create links between pages using the Link to Wiki page button.

The Wiki Details section on the right of the screen shows a list of all pages. You can see the History of each page and delete newer versions if you need to revert to an older version of the page.

Click Participation Summary to see information on how individual students have contributed to the wiki.
Wiki details and participation

See Blackboard's help page on Wikis for more information.


See the VoiceThread page for instructions on how to use VoiceThread.


See the Blackboard Collaborate section for information on how to use Collaborate.

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