Collaborate Ultra

What is Collaborate Ultra?

Blackboard update Collaborate Ultra every month. See their What's New page for the latest changes.

Collaborate Ultra is a real-time online conferencing tool that allows you to share audio and video as well as files and applications. You can record sessions, run polls and set up breakout rooms to enable students to work together in smaller groups.

Create a link to the Collaborate room

Each Blackboard course site has a Collaborate ‘room’. You can also create sessions, for example to allow more than one group to use Collaborate at the same time. Collaborate is also available as one of the Group tools, to enable students to run their own Collaborate sessions.

In order for your students to join a Collaborate session, you need to add a link as described below. Note that you do not need to create a link for a Group Collaborate session, as students can access this via their group.

Add a link in a content area

  1. Go to the area of your course where you want to add the link to Collaborate, for example the Discussions page.
  2. From the menu at the top of the content area, choose Tools > More tools > Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
    Tools - Collaborate Ultra
  3. Enter a Link Name, for example “Q&A session”
  4. In the Text box, enter a description for students of when they should use the Collaborate session and what it will be used for. For example, if you are holding a weekly Q&A for your students, you should enter the times when you will be available and the sort of questions they can ask.
  5. Click Submit to create the link to Collaborate.

Join the session

To join the session, both you and your students need to do the following:

  1. Click on the link to Collaborate.
  2. Click on the Course Room, or the specific session you want to join.
  3. Click the Join Course Room or Join Session button that appears.

See Blackboard Collaborate’s help pages on how to set up and run your session. You can find more information on the Moderator help page.

There is more information for students on joining a session, including which browsers are supported, on the Participant help page.

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