What's New - July 2017

Blackboard was upgraded between the 11 July 2017 and 12 July 2017. The new version looks quite different and has some useful new features, but the way you use Blackboard will be mostly the same.

Logging in

If you are using a University computer on campus, then you will no longer have to login to Blackboard. When you click on the 'Blackboard' link on the University website, you will be logged in automatically.

However if you are off-campus, or on campus but using Eduroam, then you will still have to login. The login screen will look different but you will still login with your IT account username and password in the same way as currently.


Blackboard will look quite different and you will notice that the list of courses is on the left of the screen instead of the right. This new version will work much better on mobile phones and tablets.

Home page

Within course sites the icons will look different but everything will work in the same way as before.

Blackboard assignments

If your tutors are using Blackboard assignments rather than Turnitin, a submission receipt will now be generated to confirm the date, time and file submitted.

Bb assignment submission confirmation

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