How to submit an assignment to Turnitin

How do students submit an assignment to Turnitin?

2 minute video tutorial showing you how to submit an assignment to Turnitin

To submit your assignment to Turnitin:

  1. Log in to Blackboard and access your course site.
  2. Find the part of the course site that contains the Turnitin assignment submission point.  This may be in an area called Assessment, but your tutor will be able to tell you where it is if you cannot find it.
  3. Click the View/Complete link.
    View complete link
  4. You will now see the Turnitin Class Homepage.  If you want to see more information about the assignment, including any instructions from your tutor, move your mouse over the Info symbol Turnitin info symbol.
  5. To submit your assignment, click Submit.
    Submit Turnitin assignment
  6. You will now see the Submit Paper page.  Your name should be filled in automatically.  Enter a name for your assignment in the Submission title box.
  7. Click the Choose from this computer button and browse to find your file
    Turnitin choose file
  8. Click Upload to load your file into Turnitin.
  9. You will see a preview of your assignment so that you can check you have selected the correct file. You can click on the preview to zoom in and see more details.  If you have chosen the wrong file, click Cancel and choose a new file.  If the file is correct, click Confirm. 
  10. You should see a message at the top of the page telling you that the submission was successful.
    Turnitin submission complete
  11. If you want to check your submission or print your digital receipt, you can click Return to assignment list.
    Return to assignment list

    To print the receipt, click the Download button and choose the Digital receipt option.
    Download button

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