Set up a Turnitin assignment

Please note that the options recommended below may not be suitable for every Turnitin assignment.  If you are unsure of the settings, ask other members of your course team to ensure that you are following programme or departmental policies.

  1. Open the area of your Blackboard course site where you want students to submit their work.  For example, you may have an Assessment section.  Make sure Edit Mode is On.
  2. Select the Turnitin Assignment option from the Assessments menu.
    Create Turnitin assignment
  3. Choose the Paper Assignment option in the Select your assignment type section.
    Select Turnitin assignment type
  4. Click the Next Step button.
  5. Enter an Assignment title in the New Assignment section.  If you are using GradeMark to mark the assignments then you also need to enter a Point value for the assignment.  This is the maximum number of marks that can be awarded for the assignment, so if you are giving a percentage mark the point value would be 100.
  6. Choose which type of files to accept.  If you are planning to check for similarity then you should choose Allow only file types that Turnitin can check for originality.  Only choose Allow any file type if you want students to be able to submit other file types that you want to download and comment on, but not check for similarity.
  7. In the dates section you need to specify the following:
    Date OptionSetting
    Start Date When the assignment will be available for students to submit their work
    Due Date Due date for the assignment
    Post Date

    For assignments using anonymous marking, the post date is when grades are passed from Turnitin to Blackboard and when the author names become visible.

    Otherwise the post date relates to the availability of GradeMark (Turnitin's online marking system) papers to students and has no bearing on when grades are available in Blackboard.

  8. Once you have entered the dates for the assignment, click on the Optional Settings link to see more settings for your assignment.  You may have to scroll down to see this link.
    Turnitin optional settings

    Enter special instructions Enter any information that the students need to know when submitting their work to the assignment.
    Allow submissions after the due date? This depends on the policy of your course or department.  If you select the no option then students will not be able to submit work after the due date for the assignment.
    Generate Originality reports for submissions? Originality reports enable you to view text matches between student submissions and other sources in the Turnitin database. To ensure that Turnitin checks student submissions for potential plagiarism, you should select Yes for this option.
    Generate Originality Reports for student submissions

    The usual option is to select immediately first report is final. Originality reports will be generated immediately.  Students cannot resubmit unless their first submission is deleted.

    The immediately (can overwrite reports until due date) option allows students to resubmit as often as they want until the due date.  Originality reports for the first submission are generated immediately.  For subsequent submissions there is a 24 hour delay before the originality report is created.  Originality reports are regenerated within an hour of the due date so that student submissions can be compared against each other.

    On due date means that originality reports are not generated until the due date, which ensures that students' submitted work is checked against the work of other members of the group.

    Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment? This option is not vital as bibliographic materials (reference lists etc.) can be included or excluded from originality reports when the reports are viewed following submission.
    Exclude quoted materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment? This option is not vital as quoted material (text in quote marks) can be included or excluded from originality reports when the reports are viewed following submission.
    Exclude small matches? This option is not vital as small matches (small pieces of text that match the database) can be included or excluded from originality reports when the reports are viewed following submission.
    Allow students to see Originality Reports? This is usually set to No.
    Reveal grades to students only on post date? If you are using GradeMark (Turnitin's online marking system) to mark submissions you should set this option to Yes to avoid students being able to access their grades before the marking process is complete.  Otherwise students would be able to see their grades immediately the paper was marked, but wouldn't see the feedback until the assignment's post date.

    If you're not using GradeMark this option has no effect.
    Enable anonymous marking? Your choice for this option will be determined by programme/departmental policy.
    Submit papers to:

    Student submissions should be added to the standard paper repository. This allows future submissions to be checked against these papers thus increasing the effectiveness of the Turnitin system.

    In some cases student submissions may contain sensitive information, such as data about medical patients.  In this case you may choose not to add the student submissions to the standard paper repository.  You will still be able to check the submissions for potential plagiarism.

    Search options: These are the sources that student submissions will be checked against. To increase the effectiveness of originality reports, all of the available options should be selected.
    Attach a rubric to this assignment If you are marking the assignments using the GradeMark online marking tool, you can select a rubric to be used for the assignment.
    Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments? The final option allows you to save the settings you have chosen whilst creating the assignment as default.

    If you will be regularly creating Turnitin assignments this can save you a great deal of time. If you do choose to save the settings they can be modified if and when you create another Turnitin assignment.
  9. When you have selected all your options, click the Submit button to create the Turnitin assignment.

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